Victoria/New South Wales Fire Departments

Being two of the hardest hit states by the intense blazes, Victoria and New South Wales have hundreds of firefighters, many of which are volunteers, fighting tirelessly to contain and douse the ruthless bushfires that have been nothing short of devastating for months. A portion of your donation will go directly to aiding those who are battling the flames to bring them food, water, supplies, etc. 

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

Recently treating their 90,000th patient, the Irwin family owned Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital takes in animals from all over Australia. Right now, due to the blazes, there is a massive influx in the amount of animals needing immediate care and shelter. A large amount of each donation we receive will go directly towards rescuing all of the animals who have been affected by the fires.

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

Kangaroo Island is well known for its thriving koala population. However, over 150,000 hectares have recently been lost due to the disastrous conditions that are currently wreaking havoc across Australia. Unfortunately, this loss will dramatically effect our koala population. To help combat this, part of every donation we receive will be put towards getting care, pain relief, medication and the infrastructure needed to house and treat the large number of koalas and animals in general coming into the park's care.


How Your Donation Helps


Every Bit Helps

Since July 2019, Australia and those who live there, both humans and animals, have been suffering from some of the worst bush fires we as a planet have ever seen. Lives have been lost, thousands of homes have been destroyed and roughly a billion animals have now been killed by the awful conditions. 
Together, we can help our brothers and sisters who are experiencing this disaster first hand by donating just a few dollars each. This money will go directly towards aiding the above organizations.
Any amount you are able or willing to donate will help far more than you can imagine! Together we can end the disaster and restore not only the homes and the health of thousands, but also our faith in humanity. Together we can help end the drought that has done nothing but aid the fires' strength. Together we can be the rain that Australia so desperately needs. Together we can make it happen.
Thank you for your kindness and generosity.